As a Retired POLICE OFFICER, with 29 years experience as a Criminal Defense Attorney, I have been on BOTH SIDES!

My law enforcement training, background, and experience, has provided me with knowledge and expertise other attorneys CANNOT learn from simply "READING A LAW BOOK".

"I have arrested people, written crime reports, written arrest reports, testified in court, and worked with the District Attorney to prosecute people.  I AM NOW ON THE "OTHER SIDE"

We handle Drunk Driving, (Member of the California DUI Lawyers Association) Manslaughter, Domestic Violence, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Murder, Hit and Run, Drug offenses, Sex offenses, Assault, Battery, Terrorist Threats, Medical Marijuana cases, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Arson, Theft, Insurance Fraud, Violations of Probation, Firearm Offenses, Expungements and more.


1. Did you graduate from a police academy?

2. Have you received police training in arresting drunk drivers?

3. Have you ever worked as a police officer stopping people for DUI?

4. Have you ever given people Field Sobriety Tests?

5. Have you ever arrested people for DUI?

6. Have you ever written DUI arrest reports?

7. Have you had training in blood, breath and urine testing?

8. Have you participated in DMV hearings as a police officer?

9. Have you worked with the prosecutor and testified in drunk driving cases?

10. Have you had training in driving patterns, mouth alcohol?

11. Have you had training in California Title 17 Regulations on Blood testing?

12. Have you had training in California Title 17 Regulations on Breath testing?

13. Do you know how hypoglycemia can falsely inflate a blood-alcohol level?

14. Do you know how diabetes can falsely inflate a blood-alcohol level?

15. Do you know how a high protein diet can falsely inflate a blood-alcohol level?

16. Have you ever investigated a crime as a law enforcement officer"

17. Have you ever been thru specialized law enforcement training schools?

18. Have you ever testified in court as a law enforcement officer?

19. Have you ever been on a crime scene working with CSI?

See what EXCUSE they give you for NOT having this specialized training, knowledge, and experience, then decide who YOU WANT IN YOUR CORNER !

REMEMBER EXPERIENCE COUNTS! When you are considering hiring an attorney, ASK how LONG he/she has been practicing law.



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