I have 29 years experience as a personal injury - auto - motorcycle - traffic accident- dog bite - and wrongful death attorney.

My law enforcement training, background, and experience in accident investigation, has provided me with knowledge and expertise other attorneys CANNOT learn from simply "READING A LAW BOOK" or going to law school.

I have been successfully involved in multiple 7 digit cases.


When considering hiring an attorney, ASK how LONG he/she has been practicing law. Do you want a NEWBIE to handle your case?


"Do you have law enforcement training and experience"

"Have you ever written a traffic accident report"

"Have you ever had police training in investigation of traffic accidents"

"Have you ever investigated an accident as a law enforcement officer"

"Have you ever testified in court regarding a traffic accident"

"Do you have training and experience in time, distance and speed analysis"

"How many wrongful death cases have you handled?

"How many personal injury cases have you handled?

"How many dog bite cases have you handled?

"How many slip and fall cases have you handled?

"Are you a certified mediator"

"Are you a certified arbitrator"

"Are you admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court"


See what EXCUSE they tell you for NOT having this experience and knowledge, then decide who YOU WANT IN YOUR CORNER !

We handle wrongful death, negligence, motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, dog bites, assaults, battery, burns, pedestrian accidents, airplane accidents, broken arms, legs, scarring, boating accidents, airplane accidents, slip and falls, and MORE!


All courts of the State of California, United States District Court, Central District; United States District Court, Northern District; United States District Court, District of Hawaii; United States Court of Appeals; Ninth Circuit United States Supreme Court; United States Tax Court.

Remember, it costs NOTHING to call and speak with me about your accident !

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NOTE: While our office generally practices in Southern California, we have been involved in cases from San Diego to San Francisco and can take cases throughout California.

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